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Gone Wild Festival 2024

Gone Wild Festival, brownies and more…

We can’t keep it in any longer, we’re going to be at the Gone Wild Festival which is going to be held at the Holkham Estate in August! We will be there with our brownies, sundaes, hot drinks and so much more!

Back when Bean Daddy and I first met, it was our dream to work the festival scene. We both have a strong passion for music, food and family and this festival ticks every box! If we could look back now and tell our younger selves that this dream would be a reality, we’d have never believed it!

What’s made this festival even more exciting for us is that so many of you are going to be there! There’s nothing like doing a festival with our extended Brownie and the Bean family!

If you’re interested in checking out the festival, tickets are currently on sale.

Bring on August and Gone Wild Festival! Wahoo!

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The photo is of the line up from the Gone Wild Festival which is to be held in North Norfolk this August