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What a weekend!


Exhausted? Much?


Well that was a weekend and a half! What an amazing time we had at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival this year. Seeing all of our wonderful small business friends and supporting one another through the madness.


We sold thousands of brownies and got to chat to so many people. Made lots of new friends and got to see lots of wonderfully familiar faces.


There were another two events running at the same time as Aldeburgh this weekend. Our wonderful Super Sue was on holiday in the run up, so Bean Daddy had his work cut out for him!


One of the best things about the festival is also getting to try lots of lovely food and drink. Us small businesses love a swapsie. It’s quite difficult to leave the stand at certain points during the weekend, so whenever we can, we nip out with cakes and bakes for our friends, to keep them going! Of course, we find ourselves with all sorts of yummy treats in return.


You may know that we also sell wholesale cakes across the whole of the UK to various different shops, bars, pubs and cafes. Well, so many of our wholesale brownie customers came to surprise us on the day too! It really was like a Brownie and the Bean episode of “This is Your Life”.


I also bumped into one of my old bosses from ITV (from 14 years ago) and got to catch up with so many other friends. TV Chef Richard Bainbridge came to try our brownies and in years gone by, we’ve had some of the Bake Off winners enjoying our cakes.


If we’re completely honest, although it’s very hard work, it is like a fun sort of holiday camp!


What to know about our adventures at Aldeburgh?


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Charlotte smiling with some street food trailers at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival