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Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival is almost here!

Excitement is in the air for the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival


We first attended back in 2019 and it was one of the biggest highlights of our careers. Although it’s most definitely not for the feint hearted! It’s three days of gruelling graft, but oh, so worth it!


Back in 2019, we first attended the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival as a mobile cafe. Our friend Daniel, who had worked as a barista for Luke in London, came to assist us for the weekend. He was always Luke’s star barista, so it was a no brainer to get him involved.


Being from Romania, he had never been to rural areas in the UK before. He stayed with friends of ours that have an AirBnB and loved every second of it. Although, he probably enjoyed the friendliness of the people in our local pub a little too much. There were some very sore heads the next day!


On the Friday at the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, you arrive to set up your stand. It can take quite a while to get everything into place, but it does save you time on the morning. For us it’s about an hour’s drive to Aldeburgh, so the majority of the Friday is spent racing around.


On the Saturday, we always like to be there nice and early. There’s nothing worse than not being completely prepared when the festival goers start to walk through the gates.


We usually spend a few hours getting our set-up just right. Then we take it in turns to check out what delicious food is on offer from other vendors.


Our favourite part…


Without a doubt, our favourite part of the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, is the people. The food and the drink is a bonus. We love meeting all of our wonderful customers, that have become friends over the years. Also it’s the only chance we really get to catch up with our fellow small business buddies! Some of them we only see once a year and the smiles are as big as the hugs. All year round we support one another via social media, so it’s really lovely to see everyone in person!


When we first attended the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, it would take Luke 2 weeks to bake the produce. Luke now bakes the same volume in a few hours. Oh how far we’ve come!


If you like to find out more about the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, please click here.

Brownie and the Bean mug on a red table with Snape Maltings in the background (at the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival)