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Why do we love our brownies and bakes!

🥹I’m not crying, it’s raining somewhere…
Woah, just got a wee bit teary there thinking about our “why”. It’s not enough to want to build a small business, from nothing, without having unwavering passion and creativity for your product.
The happiness and joy we get from being creative without brownies and bakes and owning our own destiny is truly the reward itself.
We live and breathe food. Probably a bit too much if I’m honest 🤣! From the moment we met, it was our connection. What we planned our holidays around and how we spent our weekends.
I may not a baker myself, but I’m still heavily involved in the creative process. Bean Daddy is also fully in his element having his own production kitchen to conjure his amazing treats.
Creative ideas come to us all throughout the day and night and we can’t help but get excited.
I could not work this amount of hours if it wasn’t for the fact that I love what I do. I love hearing your stories about how our brownies and bakes have connected you to loved ones.
We both come from massively foodie families. Both our parents were self employed when we were kids. They also worked in the food and drink industries. I’d say it was written in the stars that we came together to do this with one another ✨! It’s all we know!
Thank you as always for your support and for allowing us to continue doing more of what we love 🫶🏾.

If you’d like to find out more about our Suffolk family bakery, click here.

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