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Mama Bean and Bean Daddy


🥰Ah… Almost 12 years ago!

We met at a world music festival 12 years ago in London. Bean Daddy was in front of me in a queue for cider and it was love at first sight!

As soon as we got our drinks, we sat under some tarpaulin as the heavens opened and got to know one another. Immediately, we found we had three things in common: our love for great food, drink and music!

Looking out across the landscape of the music festival we said “wouldn’t it be great to live this life style?”. Combining our love of food and drink, all the while listening to some amazing music.

At the time I worked in the TV and film industry and Bean Daddy managed a deli and restaurant, nonetheless the seed was firmly planted and from the get-go, we vowed to make our dreams come true.

7 years after meeting, we launched Brownie and the Bean. A mobile cafe combining cocktails, coffee and our secret family brownie recipe. The goal was to float around the music festivals all the while raising our young family.

We could never have anticipated what would happen next… A global pandemic, meaning that we had to shut up shop. Being true fighters, we rose from the ashes and reinvented ourselves as a brownie bakery.

Throughout the various stages that followed we had to bend and pivot in order to continue to do what we love.

It hasn’t been all cupcakes & rainbows, we’ve had some really difficult periods in our business journey, but what keeps us going is our unwavering passion for our product and our determination to work around our young children.

We are so thankful to all of you who’ve been with us on this journey (new and old). There’s no way we’d be where we are now if it wasn’t for your support. With that, we ask just one last time- voting for the @muddysuffolkcambs Awards closes on 18th April. It would mean the world to us to have your vote. To vote for us in the category of Best Local Food/ Drink Producer, please click on the link in our bio.

Heartfelt thanks to you,

Mama Bean and Bean Daddy xxx

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Mama Bean and Bean Daddy