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Tough times ahead for the cocoa industry…

Here at BATB HQ we always like to keep things positive. However, there are some things going on in our industry right now that we feel we have to share with you.


Back in 2023, due to climate change, there was a terrible crop in African cocoa. Being a main supplier of cocoa beans around the world, this has had a devastating ripple effect.


You may have read about the cocoa crisis in the press as there was a lot of commotion about the price of Easter Eggs rising. When knew there was an issue and that it would eventually catch up with us and sadly it has hit.


The cocoa crisis has meant that we had no other option than to raise the price of our brownies and cakes. It’s something that we really hate doing, but we cannot afford to take any more hits. Small businesses were already feeling the pinch with various other rises across the board. This was really the final straw.


Every time I open social media, I see more and more small businesses are closing their doors. It really pains us to see other food and drink businesses closing. It’s a real reminder that owning a small business is a delicate operation. Just one small change could tip the balance for a small business.


As a business, we do everything we can to make sure that costs are kept as low as possible. We always try to shop local for our ingredients (wherever possible) and it’s incredibly important for us to support small businesses on our journey.

For now, we will continue to do what we do best; bake our delicious cakes and sweet treats. We thank you all so much for your continued support.


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