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Latitude Festival 2024

🎊WE HAVE THE BIGGEST NEWS EVER!  Latitude Festival 2024 is on!
We can’t believe it, we’re coming back to Latitude Festival 2024 this year!
You may remember that last year, we were one of four lucky winners of the Barclaycard Business Boost Award? This meant that as well as winning a £10,000 bursary, we also got the opportunity to have a free pitch at Latitude Festival in 2023. This was HUGE for our business. It gave us enormous confidence as we worked with mentors behind the scenes in the run up. So much so, we decided to do it again!
Excitement levels are HIGH and we can’t wait to see lots of your lovely faces. There will be coffee, there will be sweet treats in the form of brownies, cookies, sundaes and flapjacks. Not to mention disco balls, dancing and OH so much fun!
We will be in the main arena, but exact location hasn’t yet been confirmed. No doubt we’ll be sure to let you know on the day (when we find out).
Duran Duran here we come!
If you’d like to check out our brownies before Latitude 2024, have a look here.
Latitude Festival 2024