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Last Christmas anecdote…

Just thinking to myself about last year’s Christmas and how could I forget this little anecdote???
Picture the scene:
Things couldn’t get any worse at this point. Royal Mail strikes are in full swing… we have parcels missing, stress levels are high and we still have a huge amount of wholesale cakes to get out to our fabulous customers.
Our wholesale and corporate gifting are a massive part of what we do and really important to us. Back in the day I used to do all the deliveries myself as well as processing all the online orders. My brain was like candy floss most days, trying to remember a thousand things at once and fit a ridiculous amount of things into one day (she says, typing this post out at 4am 🤣)!
On the last wholesale delivery day, I had a packed car with lots of businesses to get to on a tight schedule. Sticking to my schedule was even more important today because it was the day of our son’s first nativity at primary school. You only get one first nativity, so it was a non-negotiable for me. I think his only line was “not today” (he was an Inn Keeper 🤣), but I was hellbent on getting back in time to see this moment.
We already had Grandma and Grandpa Bean back at HQ helping Bean Daddy and Super Sue, so we were at full pelt with production.
💥 I arrive at my first delivery. It takes 43 minutes to unpack the car (it was a big one). I slam the boot feeling satisfied as I go to open the driver’s door. Nothing… nada! I’m locked out. The key is in the boot and the automatic locking system has locked the orders, my mobile, my wallet AND key inside.

Disaster struck…

I don’t know Bean Daddy’s phone number and he doesn’t do social media. Disaster. Luckily I managed to remember the landline number (after a fashion). He was a chocolate teacup. Didn’t have any pearls of wisdom. I was desperate, but thankfully a Christmas miracle came to the rescue. Lovely Caitlin (who worked at the business I was delivering to) let me borrow her car. I drove an hour home, got the spare key and drove an hour back to open the car.
I made it back on the stroke of his nativity starting and got to hear “not today” and it was breathtaking. Thank you Caitlin 🫶🏾
Lots of grey Royal Mail sacks are stacked against a brick wall with a pale green window