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January gift ideas

Coming from a large family of January babies, I feel obliged to tell you the truth:
🤣 YOU maybe on a diet because it’s the new year, but we are already depressed enough that nobody wants to go out in January and it’s our birthday, so we are eating all the cake and then some- this goes the same for those that drink alcohol. Dry January relates to different kinds of wine in our book.
🤣 We know when you re-gift unwanted Christmas presents because you forgot our birthday- all January babies have a story to tell here
🤣 Please don’t give us gift vouchers… all the stuff in the shops are end of line thingys in January. Bizarre colours/ combinations and odd sizes. Perhaps this is how Bean Daddy and I ended up with such a flamboyant way of dressing…
The list goes on, but if you have January birthdays in your family/ friendship group, ACT NOW… Don’t forget them. I actually start buying our son’s birthday presents in the autumn so I avoid the curse.
January birthday people- stand and be counted. Tell me your January birthday nightmares. Let’s break the cycle. Let’s be counted! JANUARY IS A GREAT MONTH TO BE BORN 🥳

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A scene of birthday brownies on branded Brownie and the Bean greaseproof paper, a ballon, a branded Brownie and the Bean card and bright coloured confetti flying in the air.