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What a year

It’s completely incredible when we look back at 2023 and all that’s happened this year.

  • Winning the Barclaycard Business Boost Award
  • Having a pitch at Latitude Festival (an absolute dream come true)
  • Speaking at the Womenta event in early September
  • Compéring the main stage at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival and seeing all of our lovely customers and friends there
  • Hiring another Baker (woah Mama)
  • Buying our first van

I will never forget how special it was to see so many of our day one customers pop by at Latitude Festival. It was like something out of a dream.

We have really pushed ourselves to the limit this year with everything we’ve done and we’re so thankful to everyone that’s supported us along the way from our family and friends, to our wholesale customers and of course you!

Our business is a family business through and through. Almost every single member of our immediate family has helped us out at some point this year.

Super Sue has been absolutely incredible this year and has risen to every single challenge thrown her way. Not only is she so proactive, she does it with a smile and magically presents you with a cup of tea at the same time. She is the beating heart of everything we do and we love her so much!

Harriet (our new Baker) has fitted in perfectly too. Such a wonderful human being, a marvellous Baker and when she finally allows me to, I will show you her in person!

Building the perfect team is the key to any businesses’ success and we are so fortunate to have two of the most wonderful people as part of our extended BATB family. Harriet, you are so welcome!

We will never tire of thanking you all for helping us to live our dreams. Every single like, comment and recommendation helps us to continue doing what we’re doing and we are so grateful.

Here’s to 2024! Lots of love, Mama Bean and Bean Daddy xx

Charlotte, Luke, Harriet and Sue are in a selfie. Everyone has a big smile and is wearing festive hats. There is the Brownie and the Bean logo in the top left and the words Merry Christmas in the top right.