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Tales from our wholesale bakery in Suffolk…

From humble beginnings, our wholesale bakery in Suffolk has changed SO much over the years. Initially we started out doing one flavour of brownie, to sell alongside coffee in our converted horse trailer. However things took a huge turn during lockdown and we’ve never looked back.


People know us for our brownies, but that’s just a fraction of the different cakes we create. Over the last few years, our catalogue has grown to include an enormous amount of varieties. Our wholesale cakes are sold all over the country and nothing gives us more pride than spotting one of ours on a countertop!


This weekend alone, Bean Daddy baked around 400 portions of Christmas Cake ahead of the festivities. He uses a secret family recipe which takes 5 hours to bake! Talk about artisan!


Almost every single week we’re developing new recipes and it’s something that Bean Daddy takes a great deal of pride in. For him, the true pleasure in being a bakery owner is the freedom and creativity to make something truly spectacular.


Despite churning out hundreds of cakes per day, Bean Daddy still finds the time to make nearly every single filling by hand. From the pralines and curds, to the jams and salted caramel. True love and passion is whipped into every bite and we think it shows.


The latest recipe to join the family is our Carmel Shortbread. It’s absolutely delicious and a real treat with a great cuppa. The first batches of Caramel Shortbread are heading out to our wholesale customers this week, so keep an eye out for them!


If you’d like to find out more about our wholesale bakery in Suffolk, please click here. If you’d like to enquire about selling our wholesale cakes, please email us here.

Photo features Luke, Charlotte and Sue from their wholesale bakery in Suffolk. Luke is on the left, Charlotte is in the middle and Sue is on the right. Sue and Luke are wearing hats. Charlotte and Sue are wearing glasses. Everyone is smiling and happy. Sue is wearing a pink t-shirt with an apron. Charlotte is wearing a black top and so is Luke.