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Our Suffolk Family Bakery

🥳 It’s National Baking Week and we’ve had some new followers recently, so we thought we’d introduce our family bakery!
My husband Luke (Bean Daddy) and I are the very proud owners of Brownie and the Bean, which is a micro bakery situated in the Suffolk countryside. Our business started life in 2019 just before lockdown as a mobile cafe selling brownies and cocktails.
Starting a business before the covid outbreak was one of the hardest challenges we’ve ever had to face as a family. Navigating the never ending twists and turns of lockdown and the consequences for small businesses was very scary at times.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom!

However through it all, we grew the most amazing community of customers that stuck by us. The kindness and generosity of the small business community also kept us strong during tough times. We met some incredible human beings along the way that gave us opportunities, pushed us to grow our business and supported us wholeheartedly. It definitely takes a village to navigate and grow a business through a global pandemic and the various pressures of the “cost of living crisis”.
The nature of our business has changed dramatically from a mobile cafe to a bakery that now largely focuses on wholesale cakes, online orders, events & corporate gifting. We’ve gone from selling 1 variety of brownie to hundreds of different types of cakes and sweet treats as our business has continued to grow.
As a business, we are driven by an absolute passion for our products. Sourcing the best quality ingredients and shopping small wherever we can, we LOVE to support other businesses in the process. For us the really fun part is writing recipes and making all of the delicious elements in your cakes and bakes. From jams to pralines, custards and curds, we take great pride in baking in small batches, with love.
As it stands today, we are a growing family bakery. We are about to expand our team of staff and excited to see what the future may bring. One thing that will never change is the gratitude to everyone that has supported us. We have been so lucky to have such a wonderful community of customers, friends, family and colleagues all rooting for us.
With heartfelt thanks, Mama Bean and Bean Daddy x

Want to know more?

To shop our online brownies, click here. To find out more about our wholesale business, click here. If you’d like to find out more about corporate gifting, click here.
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