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Wholesale Cakes, Brownies & more!

Did you know that we’re not just about crafting delicious brownies for you? Our wholesale cakes and brownies are a trusted partner for businesses all over the country!

Our handmade, delicious treats can be found gracing the menus of cafes, pubs, bars, and restaurants and we couldn’t be prouder of that!

Every cake we create is made to order, and you can bet your last chocolate chip that Bean Daddy himself is behind all those mouthwatering sauces, pralines, jams, and curds. His dedication to his craft really does shine through in every bite!

As a small family business, we proudly support other small businesses. Our eggs, flour, and sugar are locally sourced, and we couldn’t be happier to showcase these homegrown ingredients in our baking.

We genuinely can’t express our gratitude enough for being a part of our Brownie and the Bean family. Every bite of our treats is a testament to the support and love you’ve given us. You make it all possible my darlings!

Should we be selling our wholesale cakes and brownies near you?

We’re always on the lookout to grow our family business, so if you know of a place in your neck of the woods that could use a little Brownie and the Bean flavour in their life, please give get in touch via email or give us a call on 01379 452 195. We love to chat!

There’s a wide range of retail products available in our wholesale catalogue. Products include pre-packaged granola bars, flapjacks, sponges… Loaf cakes in every flavour imaginable, savoury and sweet scones… PLUS a whopping 300 different varieties of brownies and blondies.

If you’d like to find out more about our wholesale business, you can check out our dedicated page. OR, if you have a specific query you’d like answered, you can fill out our form below: