Craving that summer feeling? ☀️

While you might not be lounging with Pina Coladas on sandy shores, our flavours this month will still whisk you away!

This months flavours are an absolute treat and have been such a huge hit with all of you.

We’re already so excited for you to dive into the back-to-school flavours Bean Daddy has up his sleeve! But remember, we actually need your input on this one…

Think about those school puddings you loved most – which would you like to see Bean Daddy give his magical brownie twist? 😍

But before we dive into that, here is a reminder of August’s lineup:

🤎 Triple Chocolate Brownie
🍍 Pina Colada Blondie
☀️ Neapolitan Blondie
🍦 99 Brownie
🍪 Oreo Brookie
🥜 Pistachio and White Chocolate Blondie

Snag that final taste of summer before we cosy up by the fire during those long dark nights. 🔥❄️

Head to and grab your favourites now before they’re gone!

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