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That’s a wrap on Easter brownies 2023

You guys have really kept us busy with Easter brownies and cakes in 2023! Every year we launch our special Easter brownie box which is bursting with the flavours of the season. It’s always one of our most popular and we often have a few hairy moments when it comes to supply and demand! Here’s a little story of JUST how crazy things get for us:


You may not be aware of this but, you can only busy Easter chocolates between Boxing Day and Easter Sunday. Every year there’s always a HUGE struggle to be able to produce our Easter brownies, because the Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs are quite difficult to get hold of. Our wholesale customers order in enormous volume and we can never really predict how much we’re going to sell. Our online customers are a bit easier to figure out, but that still doesn’t make the sourcing any easier.


Easter Brownies 2020- the lockdown years…


Back in 2020 when we first started selling our brownies online, the demand was so high. However, being lockdown, everyone had started baking at home, so this threw up even more supply issues. None of the supermarkets had flour/ eggs etc and they most definitely didn’t have any Mini Eggs or Creme Eggs. I remember going to large supermarkets in 4 counties, hunting for ingredients, only to find the shelves empty.


I found in 2020 that the best place to find most of the baking ingredients we needed was at tiny convenience shops and petrol stations, so on average, I’d probably visit about 15 a day. Yes you heard right. It was a nightmare.


Fortunately, by the time the late spring had sprung in 2020, we had a local wholesaler, stocking local ingredients that we could buy in bulk. This meant no more 4 county supermarket stalking and queuing outside for hours.


Whenever Easter brownie time swings by, I still feel a little haunted from the panic of sourcing ingredients in 2020. For example, last year, I went crazy and bought a gigantic quantity of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs every single week from Boxing Day. This meant that we had well over a year’s supply of ingredients. Thankfully we did lots and lots of events last year, so we were able to use up all of the product.


This year, I’ve been more conservative. So we are preparing to sell out early. This would mean that we will move onto our May box, which is Best of British themed. We are 100% sure you’re going to love this one too! Food waste is something we wouldn’t entertain here at BATB HQ, so exciting new flavours are the way to go!


So it’s a fond farewell to Easter Brownies 2023, it’s been emotional. See you in 2024!

The Brownie and the Bean team (Bean Daddy, Super Sous and Mama Bean) are all smiling in a photo that has a graphic reading "Happy Easter! From the Three Musketeers". All three of them are smiling and there is Easter Bunting in the background with pastel coloured bunnies dangling from the top of the image.