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Brownies and Employee Appreciation Day praise

It’s Employee Appreciation Day and I want to give thanks to those who aren’t on the payroll but give us SO much help every day. Our Mum’s!

Luke’s Mum was the inspiration behind our business. I first tasted her amazing secret brownie recipe 12 years ago. I immediately said to her: “you could sell these brownies, they’re amazing. In fact better than anything I’ve tasted in a shop!”.

It was a few years later that Luke and I got the idea to create a food/drink business together and Luke (being the perfectionist he is), decided on launching a business doing two things really well. For us it was barista coffee and brownies. 

Three and a half years after launch, Luke’s Mum still gets her apron on and helps us out at busy times. Also every single cake and confectionary item we sell is thoroughly tested by her. We often ask for recipes and help with perfecting traditional techniques. There’s SO much to thank her for!

Next up is my Mum! She acts like a sort of “Alana Sugar” type presence and occasionally fires me when I mess up. Whenever we have new ideas, we always run them by her to get her seal of approval.

At Christmas time, both Mum’s had to practically move in with us for the season- looking after the kids, making up boxes, stuffing boxes and in Luke’s Mum’s case; helping to make an enormous amount of sweet treats for our corporate boxes.

Luke’s sister and her teenage children also step up when help is needed, so I guess you could say we truly are a family business through and through.

We also have to give thanks to Super Sue, our fabulous Sous Chef (on the payroll obviously). We were fortunate to find her through the Pathways Over 50 scheme and she has been an integral part of the business since she joined a year ago. She works so incredibly hard and nothing is too much for her. Super Sue’s work ethic is something of legend and I wish I could bottle it.

Having been very unfortunate in searching for staff previously (let’s not mention Kick Start ????), we know we’re a so lucky to have these formidable women on our team!

Thank you to our family for supporting us in every way you can, and to Super Sue the Sous Chef for being such an incredible team member!

Happy Friday one and all ???? 

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Luke's Mum was the inspiration behind our brownie business. She is picture with Luke as a baby.