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Easter Brownie update: Scotchies are back

It’s the Easter brownie that sends us all into a frenzy… The Scotchie is back! Want to know more? Well, our Scotch Egg Brownie is a marvellous thing! A Cadbury Creme Egg, wrapped in a brownie, coated in Lotus Biscoff Crumbs. This gives the brownie the looking of a traditional Scotch Egg, but with a sweet filling. Could it actually be more delish? I don’t think so!


Personally, I’d never been a fan of Creme Eggs. I find them too sickly. So when Bean Daddy told me about the latest craze sweeping the nation, I wasn’t jumping for joy! He then made me one and I ate the whole thing. It was utterly gorgeous and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed eating it! Back then, Bean Daddy would wrap the Creme Egg in 6 brownies. Nowadays, we make them a lot smaller, but they’re still completely divine (in fact, even more delicious).


This year, we have Super Sue on board working with us in the Bean Bunker. When she first joined in April last year, she was thrown into the deep end with the Scotch Egg crafting. This year, she’s already made hundreds of them to go out to our customers all over the UK.


Want to know what other Easter brownie treats we have in store?


Our Scotch Egg Brownie is just one of the many clucking fabulous Easter brownie treats we have available on our website. We deliver for free all over the UK via Royal Mail. Please head to our dedicated page to find out more.


Perhaps you’re interested in corporate gifting for the coming Easter festivities? Or you’d like to send some branded Easter brownies to corporate clients and customers? Feel free to have a browse of our corporate gifting page, or give us a call on 01379 452 195. You can also send us an email via

Scotch Egg Easter Brownie half against a pink background with a gift box.