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The best “new baby” gift ideas…

If you’re looking for the best new baby gift ideas, look no further than our handy guide!


New baby gifts are something that’s very close to our heart as we still have young ones. When we had our first baby back in 2015, we were still living in London. Unfortunately for us, neither of our babies decided they liked sleep so times were fairly tough in the old days. I was too tired to leave the house most of the time, so we had lots of visitors.


We had a local supermarket close to our house which was fairly high-end. However, as it was outside the bus stop, every single person that visited us, bought us “the cake” (there was only one on sale). It was a Black Forest Gateaux Cake and it was pretty awful. Dry, synthetic cream and the cherries tasted so fake. Didn’t help that I happened to dislike BFG cake either (hahaha). We were once bought two of them in one day and I remember wishing that I I had the energy to get to another shop, or make a cake, so that I could have something different! Don’t get me wrong, we were so grateful that people visited and bought us cakes. I blame the supermarket for having such a terrible selection.


Two of the best new baby gifts we received during this time were food related (of course). One of them was a New Baby food bundle from Cook. It had tons of delicious meals for us to bung in the freezer and pull out (when we remember to eat). The other was a Date Night subscription from The Spicery. They sent us a spice kit every month for 3 months, for us to create a delicious homemade “take out”.


The best new baby gift ideas from Brownie and the Bean…


  1. Something to help with the sleepless nights- Our Coffee and Brownie Gift Set. It comes with a pouch of coffee (ground or whole bean) and a brownie box of your choice.
  2. Something to enjoy with the visitors- Good quality tea from our Tea and Brownie Gift Set. The artisan tea is the Suffolk Gold Blend from Butterworth & Son. You can pair this with any of our brownie boxes.
  3. Something for the whole family- Our Mega Box. It contains 16 or 32 brownies, beautifully gift wrapped.
  4. The gift that keeps on giving… the ray of hope for good quality monthly cakes… our subscriptions. You can choose between 3, 6 or 12 months and can cancel the subscription at any point.


All our brownie gift boxes are available with free next day delivery, so you can even time the gift to arrive when they take their bundle of joy home! What’s not to love?


If you’d like to ask any questions about our brownie range, as always, please feel free to call us on 01379 452 195 or send us an email to

packshot features the best new baby gift ideas. There are two Brownie and the bean boxes on top of one another and a pouch of artisan coffee and tea is fanned out across the top of the shot.