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We’ve extended our wholesale cake range

The journey of our wholesale cake range!

I literally cannot believe that it’s not quite been a year yet since we extended from being a brownie bakery to a wholesale cake bakery. Our Norfolk/ Suffolk borders bakery has seen some HUGE changes in the past year.


Firstly we made the transitions into cakes and needed more space to house everything. So my office had to be moved upstairs as Bean Daddy needed the counter space. I was very sad at the time to be moving, but in hindsight, it was definitely the right move to make.


Sadly, so many of our colleagues in the industry have had to either close, or downsize following the post-pandemic downturn in buying. We saw huge rises in production costs as a bakery: specifically electricity and ingredients. Indeed, 2022 was a seriously tough year for bakers, which meant we had to be seriously open minded about how we navigate our future.


Moving out of the Bean Bunker wasn’t an option as we needed to keep our overheads down. I guess you could say I “took one for the team” by moving my office out of the production space. Little did I know it was just the beginning of our adventure.


A new addition to the wholesale bakery!

In April 2022, Super Sue our fabulous Sous Chef came on board. She has been an amazing addition to the team. As we started to produce more and more wholesale cakes, Bean Daddy needed more hands on assistance with his day to day. Super Sue sometimes zests an eye watering amount of lemons and this wouldn’t have been possible if Bean Daddy was managing on his own.


Towards the end of 2022, we removed the cabinets and units from the office area within the Bean Bunker to create even more space for additional ovens, fridges, freezers and mixers. This gave Bean Daddy the space to focus on expanding our wholesale cake range. Right now, we have a huge amount of variety and flavours on our menus. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’ve not only bought back some of our customer’s favourite Valentine’s brownies, we’ve also created special cakes! First up is our Persian Love Cake which is an absolute sensation. We’ve also officially welcomed our Red Velvet sponge cake for Valentine’s Day. This sits alongside all of the regular crowd pleasers in our wholesale cake range, such as Victoria Sponge and Coffee and Walnut Cake (to name a few).


Want us to supply your business with wholesale cakes and bakes?

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Photo by Sophia Goodwin
Wholesale blueberry cake on a serving slicer. The cake is marbled with blueberries.