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Did you get engaged this Christmas?

Did your loved one finally pop the question this festive season? Luke and I were actually due to get engaged on New Year’s Eve many years ago. The scene was set and he’d based his proposal on a charades game. Unfortunately our daughter (who was 10 weeks old at the time) had other ideas! Every time we tried to start playing charades, she was sick. We were both covered in the stuff, so Luke aborted his plan and proposed on my birthday in January.


Whilst our “proposed” proposal didn’t go quite according to plan, it’s widely known that the time between Christmas and New Year is the most popular time to get engaged!


Our wedding planning…

It’s so exciting (and daunting) when you first start planning out your wedding. When we planned ours, we knew exactly what we wanted. We had our wedding breakfast at our favourite Eritrean restaurant in London. We were very lucky that it had a very small amount of covers, so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. For our wedding party in the evening, our favourite Turkish restaurant did the food. It was a mezze but our guests didn’t realise and thought the food was the dips and pitta that initially came out. They’d all stuffed themselves on the starter and their eyes nearly popped out of their head when they saw the main- kebabs!


For our pudding we had a couple of options: we had a couple of cakes and a “cheese cake”. The reason we had more than one cake was because we got married on my Dad’s birthday and he obviously he needed a birthday cake! The cheesecake comprised of our favourite British cheeses. Luke was working for a boutique cheese company at the time and they kindly gifted the tower to us as a wedding present.


We got married long before we set up our bakery, but if something like a brownie stack had existed back then, we’d have been all over it!


Brownie wedding cakes

A brownie wedding cakes are a wonderful way to cater for guests with different tastes. You can have several flavours layered up, or just one flavour of your choosing. You can make the stack as personalised as you choose. We can provide a cake stand or you can choose one specifically to suit the theme of your wedding.


Within our range, we have hundreds of recipes. We can also create a bespoke flavour just for your special day.


Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements with us. You can send us an email or give us a call on 01379 452 195.

To find out more about brownies for weddings and events, please check out our dedicated page.

A wedding brownie cake is stacked in a tier on a round table with a white table cloth. Bride and Groom feeding one another brownies on their wedding day. A close up of a brownie wedding stack with strawberries dotted around.

Photos by Tom Halliday.
Brownies on a plate with two flutes of champagne and a bottle of champagne in the background. There are also white roses to the right of the bottle and brownies, indicating a wedding scene.