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Wholesale brownies and cakes

Cinnamon buns in a wicker basket on top of plain greaseproof paper. A woman with long blonde hair and a sweetheart necked grey and black polka dot top is behind a counter with a selection of brownies. Wholesale blueberry cake on a serving slicer. The cake is marbled with blueberries.


Did you know that we don’t just bake the best brownies in the UK? We also produce a wide range of baked goods for wholesale up and down the UK.


Our range includes Cinnamon buns, loaf cakes, scones, flapjacks, traybake, sponge creams and so much more. If you’re looking for a specific type of cake for your business, we will happily work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for!


We serve a wide variety of businesses across the UK from children’s play centres, to pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, delis and so much more.


The wholesale side of our business started shortly after we launched as a bakery. I was delivering during lockdown and got lost. I pulled up to a local post office and asked for directions. They were so kind and helpful, I gave them a brownie box to say thank you. Within minutes of receiving the box, they called to ask if we could supply their business.


From that moment our business has grown from strength to strength and we are very proud to still be serving them today.


The evolution of our wholesale cake business.


Although we started off doing brownies only, we were quickly approached by our biggest wholesale customer to provide a wider range of baked goods. At first we were nervous to expand our repertoire (despite being very practiced all-round bakers). However, with the way the economy was moving, we thought it was a smart business move to diversify.


Well we haven’t looked back for one second. Our brownies may still be one of the most popular baked wholesale products, but we also sell lots of other fabulous and exciting treats.


We don’t just provide wholesale brownies and cakes to Suffolk and Norfolk.


Our delicious wholesale bakes have been sent all over the UK! We are very experienced at the logistics of sending baked products around the country. We have short lead times and can often turn around orders in 3 days.


If you ‘d like to speak to us about our wholesale products, please either fill out the contact form below. You can also give us a call between Monday and Friday (9am-3pm)!



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Lemon drizzle cake on a glass with lemon rind shavings and sugar on the top.