We wanted to let you know where your brownies in the post stand in advance of the planned Royal Mail strikes.


As you know, we absolutely LOVE our posties and think they all do an amazing job. Ours in particular go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we are always kept informed. They also pull us LOTS of favours. Obviously they walk away with a fist full of brownies, so they don’t mind. Hehehe!


Unfortunately the unions have taken the decision to strike next week. Whilst we’re happy that it’s happening now and not the week before Christmas, it’s still occurring over a bank holiday weekend. This means that your brownies (if undelivered on the first attempt), might end up in the sorting office for a week before a redelivery is attempted.


Our brownies have an excellent shelf life. They can remain ambient for 14 days. However we recommend you get them in the fridge as soon as they arrive. Most of our customers scoff the lot as soon as they arrive, so this isn’t often an issue.


To avoid your brownies being undelivered and to save ourselves the worry, we have sadly taken the decision to shut shop for a week. This is from 24th – 31st August, to ensure that nobody is left disappointed.


We have been informed that no business collections will be made on 26th and 31st August. We just want to be on the safe side.


Hearing your wonderful feedback and knowing that our brownies have brightened someone’s day is the reason we do this, so we’d be devastated if things didn’t go according to plan.


Thank you in advance for your understanding.

There is another planned strike 8th-9th September. We will also plan a shut down in advance of this. Obviously as the weeks progress we will review. Our aim is to keep the brownies moving around the UK. We also want to make sure that this is done in a timely manner.

We know it’s not the news that lots of you were hoping to hear, you can always send early and it will be a lovely surprise for your recipient.


As always, peace and love,


Mama Bean and Bean Daddy xxx


Post man hanging through the window chatting to Luke who's in a black cap and black t-shirt. On his phone Post man is seen walking away with 2 sacks of mail. His Royal Mail van is red and in the background. The photo is taken in a rural setting.

Left to right: Bean Daddy, me (Charlotte) and Stuey our Postman/ Fireman

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