After Dark


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Lovingly handmade in our kitchen in Suffolk- a collection of seriously indulgent brownies.

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After Dark Flavours

Espresso Martini Cheesecake

An espresso infusion is added to our classic brownie base and topped with a swirl of vanilla cheesecake batter.

Baileys with caramelised white chocolate

We caramelise Belgian white chocolate and add chunks to our brownie batter that has added Irish cream liqueur.

Peppermint cream (with Crème de Menthe)

A peppermint buttercream is layered between a thin layer of dark chocolate and our classic brownie base with added Crème de Menthe.

Cherry Brandy

Brandy soaked cherries and dark chocolate pieces are topped by a hazelnut brittle. 

Breakfast Martini

Cointreau and gin infused marmalade is baked into our classic brownie base to give this a sticky, zesty ooze.


Homemade Amaretti biscuits are jammed into a delicious chewy base and topped with a rich brownie batter with added Amaretto liqueur.


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