Beryl the Bean Box

Meet Beryl our Bean Box. She’s an old converted horse trailer who’s had a sexy makeover and now spends her days flirting across the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk selling her wares.

As well as her day job (selling brownies and barista coffee), Beryl has a dirty little side line making appearances at events. She can be hired out with or without staff, BYO style, or with a full bar. She’s pretty good with the old cocktails (makes a mean espresso martini), she makes banging brownie
cakes (for weddings/ baby showers) and is also a cheese connoisseur that can source and present local fromage to suit your taste. Basically, an all-round show pony!

Good to know: Beryl has removable branding which can easily be replaced/ changed to suit your

Contact us here if you’d like Beryl to add a little je ne c’est quoi to your event.