5 Gift ideas perfect for Teachers!

Gift boxes containing brownies, a Coffee pouch and whole coffee beans on a white background.

Gift ideas for teachers!   Here at Brownie and the Bean, we like to make your life easier! You can order up to 2pm the day before, for free next day delivery and you can even send the gift directly to the school. So here are our suggestions for gifting teachers!   First up is […]

Letterbox brownies and beyond!

A shell interior with exposed breeze blocks and a man kneeling on the floor working on the project. You can see three panels of windows and a cavity for a door. The image features a very untidy room and some electrical equipment and tools. This is where we now bake our letterbox brownies from.

Two years ago, our letterbox brownies had taken off… But we were running out of space in our family kitchen to house all of the supplies. That’s when we had the idea for the Bean Bunker!   It’s amazing to think that only 2 years ago, I was still around the length and breadth of […]

Summer Lovin’- Brownie events update

Banoffee Pie Brownie

Brownies in Suffolk and Norfolk this summer! One of our greatest pleasures in life is getting out and about meeting you guys! Over the winter you will find us all over Suffolk and Norfolk with our brownies at several events per week, but during the summer, we tend to do fewer events,   This summer […]

Bakery Life Update

Bean Daddy AKA Luke is in the bakery laughing with a disco ball behind him. There is a green chopping board with a knife in the background

Here’s everything you need to know about bakery life this week! Father’s Day generally signifies the start of our Christmas period here at our bakery! It’s the point where we begin to focus all our efforts on creating some really exciting flavours for the rest of the year AND we also create new products for […]

How it all began!

Charlotte and Luke smiling and looking happy

Find out the whole story about how they met and built their business…   Charlotte and Luke were both living in London at the time of meeting in July 2012. The Olympics were about to begin and London was really a hive of excitement.   By pure chance, they both attended a music festival in […]