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What a week it’s been at BATB HQ!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week for our Suffolk family bakery! Absolutely NOTHING could have prepared me for what was around the corner!


Often in small business, things are up and down. You spend most of your time fire fighting and it’s exhausting. Then out of the blue, you get a week like this week!


We started off the week with the announcement about winning the Holly Tucker Ad Break. That was HUGE news for us (having been massive fans of the show).


Then we had the Anglia Business Exhibition which was SO much fun! I got to catch up with loads of my small biz buddies.


We’ve also had some more excellent news regarding the business. I cannot wait to share the news as we go along.


Our collaboration chocolate bar with The Chocolate Smiths went live again today. We’ve been working SO hard baking thousands of brownies for it. You can buy the collaboration bar online next Friday by heading to The Chocolate Smiths website.


Then came the corker- I’ve been shortlisted for a Hero of Food and Drink Award with Velvet Magazine. Can you actually believe it?


Behind the scenes here at BATB, I do lots of public speaking about issues close to my heart in business. This can range from inspiring the next generation, to discussing barriers as a female entrepreneur. This award is in recognition of the work I’ve done and I couldn’t be more honoured.


So much more goes into running our Suffolk family bakery than people see. It’s not just about baking brownies and delivering them. We love talking about what we do and relish the opportunity to inspire others in their journey.


To find out more about our Suffolk family bakery and how we got started, head here.

Charlotte Giddings of Brownie and the Bean