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5 ways YOU can support Small Businesses!


Although owning a small business can be incredibly rewarding and exciting, it can also be challenging and bring times of uncertainty. We know that times are tough for many out there, but there are lots of ways supporting small businesses can be done without spending a penny:


  1. Spread the love with reviews: Your kind words mean the world to small businesses. Leave a glowing review on Google or their website to let others know about your fantastic experience. It helps build trust and attracts new customers.
  2. Like, comment, and share: Social media can be a game-changer for small businesses. Give them a boost by liking their posts, leaving comments, and sharing their content. Your engagement helps reach a wider audience and creates a supportive community.
  3. Be in the know: Sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on exciting news, special offers, and new products. It shows your interest and keeps you in the loop for all the good stuff!
  4. Shout it out: Spread the word about your favourite small brands to your friends and family. Your recommendations carry weight, and they might discover something they’ll love too.
  5. Shop with a heart: When the time is right, support small businesses by making a purchase. Whether it’s a delicious treat, a unique craft, or a special service, your support keeps their dreams alive.


Remember, it only takes a few minutes to make a big impact. Your support means the world to small business owners who pour their hearts into their work. Each review, like, share, and recommendation brings smiles and motivates them to keep going.

Take this as your sign to spend five minutes today supporting some of your favourite small businesses. You have no idea how much they’ll appreciate it!

As always, from all of us at Brownie and the Bean HQ, we can’t thank you enough for all of the incredible support you show us week in, week out.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without YOU!

Here’s to supporting small businesses!

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