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Christmas in July!

Hohoho! Who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas in July?

Here at BATB HQ, we’re HUGE fans of getting the Christmas decs up early. But June? That’s early, even for us!


It must mean we’re planning something special…


I met the lovely Georgina some twenty plus years ago when I was working at QVC. On my first day I was put on to a shift and was told to shadow a very lovely lady called George! She taught me the ropes and I spent the rest of the year working on her shift pattern, learning the role of a Production Assistant.


Alas the world of TV is very transient and in the days before social media, it wasn’t as easy to keep in touch with people. Fast forward to the start of the pandemic and I noticed someone looking very much like George on my instagram news feed. As she kept cropping up over and over again, I started to think that maybe it WAS her. Eventually I plucked up the courage to message her and I found out not only was it her, she lived 15 minutes from me! Can you believe it?


Of course we had to meet up…

It was as if no time had past. I’m still as daft as a brush and we can seriously talk for England.


Although our businesses aren’t directly related, we really wanted to do something together as a project. As we were talking about the old days (when we worked at QVC), I thought we could take a memory of working together and make it our own!


At QVC, Christmas in July is a big deal. It’s an opportunity to showcase to their dedicated followers, what they have coming up. We hatched a plan, filmed some scenes and now we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been doing.


Check out a behind the scenes video from our Christmas in July shoot with Georgina!


Keep an eye on this page as we’ll be adding Christmas products to it over the coming days.

Christmas in July will be happening with Brownie and the Bean and Georgina Little Photography wc 24th July. Don’t miss it!

Two women smiling happily. The woman on the left has dark curly hair and a pink leopard print sweatshirt. The woman on the right has a white v-necked t-shirt and short dark hair. This photo is a behind the scenes photo from Charlotte (on the left) and George (on the right)'s Christmas in July video shoot.