Check out our corporate gifting brownie FAQs for everything you need to know!


We can offer bespoke colourings/ flavours of brownies, we can source branded packaging for the outer sleeves of our product (additional fees would occur and we’d need at least 2/3 weeks notice for this). We also do personalisation on brownie slabs (with writing on)

For brownies only, we always hold stock and this isn’t a problem (48 hours from dispatch, 1 day for delivery). For larger orders which include sourcing goods from elsewhere, 7 days notice (plus).

No, we work with wholesale customers all the time and can easily produce high quantities at short notice

Yes we have printed gift notes, we have greetings cards and we have branded greetings cards (with our logo on). Happy to source printed branding for clients, but would need around 2/3 weeks notice for design etc.

We don’t have an overseas option.

Corporate gifting case study:

Georgina (photographer, Suffolk) came to us a couple of weeks ago as she was looking to grow her business. After a brief chat with our team, we devised a holistic solution for Georgina that was in budget and on brand for her target audience.

She was looking for something that enabled her to entice potential clients and also gain repeat business from existing clients.

We discussed her budget and decided to add a QR code to a bespoke design, directing her “would be” clients to a secret page on her website which housed her marketing message.

Not only did the recipients have something delicious to tuck into, they had clear instructions which took them to a special offer on her webpage.

If you, or your business are looking to increase sales, why not send us a DM or book a discovery call with us to discuss your requirements.


To find out more about our corporate gifting options, please click here.


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