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April Chocolate Brownie Flavours

Our April chocolate brownie flavours are here and they’ll make your taste buds sing! Every year, this box proves to be so popular and it’s easy to see why!

This month, our Salted Caramel Cookie Dough is the star of the show and oh Lordy it really is irresistible:

Our tantalising dark chocolate brownie base is drizzled with Bean Daddy’s finest salted caramel sauce and topped with baked milk chocolate chip cookie dough.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, you’d better check your pulse!

Want to know what other delights you’ll find in this month’s bumper box? You’d be mad not to:

  • ???? Hot Cross Bun Blondie
  • ???? Carrot Cake Blondie
  • ???? Mini Egg Brookie
  • ???? Creme Egg Brownie and
  • ???? Triple Chocolate Brownie

We love giving our brownie boxes a seasonal theme and we think we’ve boshed the brief right on the head with this one! If you’d like to check out our April chocolate brownie flavours in our online shop, you can click here.

Our last recommended dispatch date for Easter may have past, but we’ll continue to be sending out until 6th April. Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies sent by post?

Also from the kitchen this week…


A Chocolate Guinness Cake is on a white background. There is piped buttercream around the edges, a buttercream centre and crushed Oreo biscuits scattered on the top.

If you find chocolate cake a bit too sickly, then this one is for you! Chocolate Guinness Cake! Bean Daddy first made this cake for me when we’d just met. He also made it for me on my birthday when he proposed (see he can be romantic occasionally). This week he whipped up this delight for a very special private birthday. We don’t normally make cakes which aren’t meant for wholesale, but we couldn’t resist having the opportunity to re-create this one! I’m trying to get Bean Daddy to add this to our wholesale cake menu, but we shall see if I get my way!

Cookie Dough brownie on a brown background with cookie chips. This flavour is from our April chocolate brownie selection.