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Chocolate Brownie FAQs

Chocolate brownies are by far one of the most exciting treats you can ever eat, but here’s the thing; you’ve got to look after them! Don’t get me wrong, most of you eat them all within moments of opening the box, but some people do prefer to savour them (I know, crazy right?). So here’s some chocolate brownie FAQs for all of you “aficionados” out there.


Bean Daddy’s top tips for looking after your brownies:

  1. Keep the greaseproof wrapper the brownies are in, they can sit on this greaseproof in the fridge so that they don’t smudge your container. Less elbow grease when washing up!
  2. Place the brownies, on the greaseproof paper, in an airtight container
  3. To keep them at their very best, please put them in the fridge
  4. You can keep them in the fridge for 14 days (if you have incredible self control)
  5. If you’d like to freeze your chocolate brownies, they can be kept for up to 3 months.
  6. It takes around 30 mins to defrost your brownies
  7. Take your brownies out of the fridge at around 30 mins before serving

Follow our simple steps above and you’ll get to enjoy your brownies for so much longer! Perfect if you have left overs from a party selection or wedding! Alternatively, if you scoff the lot within 3 minutes, that’s also fine. This is a safe space and you’re very welcome here! Hehehe!


If you have any further queries about looking after your brownies, please feel free to drop us a line on or give us a call on 01379 452 195. If you’d like more information about the brownies, including nutritional information and ingredients, you can find everything you need on the product sections in our online shop. Scroll down where you’ll find the tabs clearly labelled!


Perhaps our chocolate brownie FAQs have made you desperate to get your hands on some? No worries at all, head to our shop to browse our delicious chocolate brownie selection.

Three chocolate brownies piled on top of one another. They're on a dark surface with a dark background. There's chocolate shavings to the left of the brownies and raisins to the right of the brownies.