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The best wholesale cakes EVER!

It has been an utterly crazy couple of weeks here at BATB HQ. The sunshine during half term, PLUS Valentines day has meant our wholesale cakes have been flying out. This year, we wanted to create some beautiful cakes that would showstoppers. It turns out we’re not alone in thinking they’re the best wholesale cakes EVER!


All of our wholesale customers have very different kinds of businesses. So whenever we’re in the production kitchen, we have to create products with broad appeal! Some of our wholesale customers include; kid’s play centres, cafes, pubs, restaurants and even distilleries.


The there new products we launched in February this year are:


  1. Granola Bar- It’s fantastic for us to have an alternative to cake and chocolate. Believe it or not, there are some people that don’t like both! Our Granola Bar is utterly delicious. Made with sour cherries to give it an added zing, it’s a seriously good quality treat!
  2. Our Persian Love Cake- We initially sent out samples of the Persian Love Cake to whet the appetite of our wholesale customers. The response was really positive and we were SO happy to get sending them out.
  3. Red Velvet Cake- Red Velvet Cake seems like a very obvious choice, but we really did deliberate over making it. It features buttermilk from a dairy close to us on the Norfolk/ Suffolk borders. Another surprising local business is also included in the ingredients; Aspall Apple Cider Vinegar. Who’d have thought it? Thankfully this has cake proven to be very popular with our wholesale customers and we love seeing it in all it’s glory on countertops across the UK.


Looking for a wholesale bakery to supply your business?

We’d love to chat to you about all the products we have to offer! You can find out more by visiting our dedicated our wholesale bakery page. Or give us a call on 01379 452 195 or email

the best wholesale cakes are lined up in a tray. The front two are Persian Love Cakes and heavily decorated. The back 3 are carrot cake loaves.