A Premium Coffee & Luxury Brownie Hamper, to make your Festive Season extra special.

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One lucky winner will receive the ultimate coffee & brownie hamper from Coffeelink & Brownie and the Bean

Here’s what’s included:

227g bag of Winter Spice Festive Blend

250g bag of Zege Wild Forest Coffee

227g bag of Premium Espresso Blend

200g bag of Ambush Forest Coffee

Christmas Brownie Box x 2

Christmas Triple Chocolate Brownie Box x 2

Fudge x 2

Hot Chocolate Stirrer x 8

Power Balls x 2


Coffeelink & Brownie and the Bean giveaway laid out with coffee, brownies and fudge


After leaving London in 2017, husband and wife team Charlotte and Luke Giddings moved to the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk in the hope of creating a food and drink business.

Fast forward to today and they now make a wide range of goods for retail from fudge, to cookies, to Victoria Sponge Cakes, including vegan bakes and ranges which are made without gluten.

Traditional recipes and methods are at the heart of what they do. Baking in small quantities, by hand, using family-taught skills and knowledge.

Prize: The most glorious extra large Christmas hamper featuring beautifully handcrafted treats made in their Suffolk bakery.


At Coffeelink, we are passionate coffee drinkers and mad about our 100% Arabica hand-roasted coffees, consisting of over 27 single origins.

We are a privately owned family business, with a real passion for good quality coffee. So much so, we ensure our hand-roasted single-origin coffees are expertly slowly roasted to our own very precise and exacting standard, (or even our customers too)!

Since Coffeelink was born our passion and mission has been very simple…

To share the joy of trying as many different origin coffees as possible. To learn about our customer’s coffee palate on what ‘really’ good quality coffee should ‘truly’ taste like! We want everyone to be able to enjoy our coffee, whether it is for home, office, or trade use!

Coffeelink coffee which is available in the Brownie and the Bean giveaway


This season we decided to try a new blend, something we take very seriously because we love featuring single origins and highlighting their individuality and taste profiles.  Winter Spice coffee is characterised by its detailed preparation and blending of beautiful and warming spices like Cinnamon & Cardamom.


This coffee is just incredible and comes from the Zege Peninsula of Ethiopia.  Zege coffee has a light zesty acidity, smooth body, with a soft spice fruity, bold aftertaste. The unique taste profile of the coffee differentiates the product from those available on the market


5 specialty grade coffees from Ethiopia, Colombia, Peru, Honduras and El Salvador.

There is something special and unique about a perfectly pulled espresso shot. The crema, the intense flavour, not to mention the caffeine kick. Pure coffee joy. But even though it seems straightforward, there are actually quite a few hundred things we go through to get a really good blend.


This coffee comes from beautiful forest farms in the mountainous region of Oromia, Ethiopia. The hardworking hands of these coffee farmers make this brew possible.

To most coffee drinkers, Ethiopia as a coffee origin is a place that feels forever on the other side of a tantalizing gap. The coffees themselves, when made well, can be mind-altering, complex, and overwhelmingly fragrant. They taste different from all other origin coffees and are never convincingly interchangeable with any other washed or sun–dried arabica on Earth.

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