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Wholesale cake supply UK wide

We’ve come a long way baby! It’s incredible to think that as a business that began as a mobile café, we now distribute all over the UK with our wholesale cake supply. 10 years ago, I was working in media and feeling very disheartened with the industry. Luke was working in the cheese world and felt there was nowhere further for him to go with his skillset. We both knew we wanted to leave London and start a new life. A food/ drink business was what we had our heart set on. But no one could have predicted the years to follow.


It took us years to flesh out our action plan. We poured blood sweat and tears into trying to find the perfect business for us as a family. After launch we were so excited about our future. It was 2019 and it felt like the world was our oyster. Brownie and the Bean started life as a mobile café serving our secret family recipe brownies. Little did we know that our humble Triple Chocolate Brownie would create the foundation of a successful wholesale business.


It’s only just the beginning for our wholesale cake supply business…


Our wholesale business begun during lockdown, when we’d closed our hatch for good and decided to start selling brownies online. I’m not very good with directions and popped into a Post Office one day to ask for help. As a thank you, I gave them a box of brownies. They were so pleased with what they ate, they called up immediately to ask if they could be stockists. This absolutely blew our minds. How much do we charge? How do we present the brownies? We didn’t know quite what to do first!


Over the following year, our wholesale business grew and grew. At the same time, as lockdown was re-opening, we were quieter with online orders and knew that it was a great time to give our wholesale business a push.


Right now, we deliver wholesale cakes and treats all over the UK. From cheese scones to coffee and walnut cake, without gluten brownies, vegan Power Balls and much more. If you’re interested in learning more about our range and pricing, please feel free to drop us an email on the form below, or give us a call.


For the future, we cannot wait to extend our range even further. Watch this space!

To find out more about our family run wholesale cake supply business and how we got started, please click here.


Lemon drizzle cake sliced on a glass plate