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The brownie and the bean pop-up gazebo set up for an event


Are you looking for desserts event hire? Look no further than our brownie bar hire!


When we’re not at markets and events across the UK, you can find us at private parties with our fabulous pop-up brownie bar. Complete with disco balls, it’s a really fun way to cater for groups of people at parties.


Want to find out more? Here’s our FAQs:


So what’s involved in hiring a brownie bar?


We make our delicious brownie sundaes which can be completely customised by your guests. There’s homemade fudge sauce, salted caramel sauce, the finest ice cream sourced from artisan family producers Suffolk Meadow. We can even throw in some festive artisan sprinkles if you want a pop of colour to your pud.


What sort of event suits a brownie bar?


Anything your heart desires, but we have been booked for themed birthday parties, charity events, weddings, proms, work anniversaries, staff wellness days and lots more.


I’m over the other side of the country to you, is that too far for you to travel?


Our team is happy to travel to events with England. Please get in touch to discuss.


Do you cater for vegan and gluten free people?


We do have brownie flavours that are vegan and without gluten, however, we are not certified gluten free or vegan. It is also important to note that whilst we go to every effort to ensure no cross contamination, we do handle all allergens in the baking environment.  If you have an allergen to cater for, we recommend you get in touch with us to discuss. Although our brownies are delicious, they are not worth taking a life threatening risk for.


Our event is outside, what if it rains?


Our brownie bar has a gazebo that is waterproof. We can withstand most temperatures except for extreme heat and high winds.

ice cream fudge and brownies in a pot on a white background


If you have any further questions about our desserts event hire, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below, or give us a call.





The brownie and the bean pop-up gazebo set up for an event