Woah Mama! We were absolutely THRILLED to see so many of you snap up our new October brownie box. This was the biggest selling brownie box launch we’ve ever had.

6 brownies on a baking grid and dark brown background. You can see Toffee Apple Blondie, Honeycomb Brownie and S'mores Brownie.

????The glorious new autumnal favours are:

???? S’mores Brownie: A crunchy Biscoff base adds an extra dimension to our S’mores brownie. This is topped with fudgey brownie and plenty of toasted marshmallows.

???? Honeycomb Brownie: Our homemade honeycomb is encased within our delicious intense, dark chocolate brownie.

???? Toffee Apple Blondie: Our Classic blondie batter topped with home foraged, handmade apple jam and our salted caramel.

????Pumpkin Pie Brownie: Our classic brownie with added pumpkin swirls, nestled on a homemade pumpkin pie biscuit base.

????Triple Chocolate Brownie: Our signature brownie made to an old family recipe with chunks of white and milk chocolate and a white, milk and dark chocolate drizzle.

????Lotus Biscoff Blondie: One of our most requested recipes. Our blondie batter with added Lotus Biscoff and white chocolate chunks. Highly addictive.


We actually sold so many over the weekend, we’ve had to close orders early for today, so that we can have a chance to catch up.


So why do we think this box has been so popular? Maybe it’s due to having a long summer. People are so happy to move into a new season. Who doesn’t love a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Or maybe it’s because it is our best brownie flavours EVER? I know what I’m betting my money on!


If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, head to our online brownie shop and select either the Mixed Brownie box or the Create Your Own box (if you’d like to personalise your brownies).


Would you like to know more about our brownie business and how we got started? Click here for more information.

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