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Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cakes by post


???? NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Over the last couple of weeks we have baked hundreds and hundreds of portions of Christmas Cakes for our brand new product line! This recipe is another wonderful family secret, passed down from Luke’s mother.


I’ve never been a fan of fruit cake, but it’s actually become the family joke that I eat more of it than the rest of the family put together. Our Christmas Cakes are rich, fruity, nutty, moist and so beautifully handcrafted. As always, we use only the finest ingredients for our Christmas cakes.


We like our Christmas Cakes to have a minimum of 3 months to mature, which is when we feel the flavour is at its best. You can of course mature them for longer if you wish. However I’d challenge anyone to NOT tuck into this immediately.


The Christmas Cake is presented in a gorgeous silver tin. We searched high and low to find something beautiful, that was also re-usable. Environmentally friendly packaging is always a huge consideration when launching new products. The cakes are packaged within a compostable, sealed bag. Inside the gift box, you’ll find:


2 x Christmas cake portions which feed 4 people.


We can deliver anywhere in the UK and post with a next day service. Please note that for peak periods (such as Christmas week), you will need to send your gift more than 2 days in advance.


They say the proof is in the pudding and we know you’re absolutely going to love this one! As a former “nay sayer” of fruit cake, I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed!


BEAN DADDY’S TOP TIP: Try a piece of Stilton with your fruitcake. I know, it does sound a bit crazy, but it’s delicious. The flavours compliment each other beautifully and it’s a wonderful alternative to a biscuit.