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Halloween, trick or treat?


Halloween Cakes and so much more!


We are so excited about celebrating Halloween this year! In the past we’ve never really been too sure whether to go for it. This year is going to be different! Available to pre-order is our Halloween Triple Chocolate brownie box. This was a HUGELY popular box last year. We got to a stage where we’d sold out over and over again. Poor Luke had to keep topping up the supplies throughout the night as the orders flew in.


This year all brownie boxes purchased in the week leading up to Halloween will have the special nestled inside. We are also going to be launching a gift box with Halloween Hot Chocolate Stirrers!


Our Hot Chocolate Stirrers have proven to be hugely popular as part of our hamper offering. We decided to have a bit of fun with it and add Halloween sprinkles too.


Bean Daddy hand pours every single one of our Hot Chocolate Stirrers which is pretty incredible. They are made with the finest ethical chocolate, produced in the UK.


What’s a Hot Chocolate Stirrer?


Don’t worry you’re not alone! A Hot Chocolate Stirrer is a lump of chocolate on the end of a wooden spoon which is stirred gently into warm milk. After a few minutes all of the chocolate has melted and you have a delicious, hand made hot chocolate! We like ours best with 150ml of organic whole milk, but you’re free to chose as much or as little milk as you like. Plant based milks also work well with our Hot Chocolate Stirrers.


For the Halloween Hot Chocolate Stirrers, we’ll even have some marshmallows for you to top your hot chocolate with. It really is the ultimate in comfort food: halloween cakes AND hot chocolate stirrers. Where do we sign up?


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Halloween brownies on an orange background with bones, white chocolate buttons and pumpkins sprinkled on the orange background.