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Shop small with eco friendly gifts

We don’t shout about it enough but… did you know that nearly all our ingredients are locally sourced? That’s right, we’re very proud to say we support local businesses and the British economy by shopping local wherever possible.

When creating our business, there was never a hesitation to source the best quality, locally produced ingredients. We appreciate that this doesn’t make us the cheapest brand, but when you understand the impact of shopping small, it makes perfect sense.

Here’s a breakdown of what we use in our day to day baking:

  • Eggs- they come from Place Farm Shop in Stuston, 6 miles from BATB HQ (also suppliers of M&S eggs)
  • Flour- made with Norfolk grown wheat
  • Sugar- produced in Bury St Edmunds (17 miles from HQ)
  • Butter- British
  • Chocolate- ethically produced and manufactured in the UK

Outside of this, we try to either grow or forage for the special ingredients in your jams and toppings.

In a world where we’re all having to think about every pound we spend, we believe it’s best to know that the money is directly supporting our local economy.

Eco friendly packaging too!

All of the packaging we use is either recyclable and often compostable (with the exception of food-safe greaseproof paper). The packaging comes from British companies in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint.

We always try to minimise the amount of packaging we use. Sometimes we spend weeks searching for eco friendly alternatives to common packaging solutions used in bakeries. Although it can be a lot more costly than the cheaper alternatives, we have a clear conscience and confidence in our choice.

Recycling is practiced throughout the bakery and we re-use any packaging we possibly can.

If you’d like to take a look at the gorgeous eco friendly gifts we have on offer, please check them out here.

A hamper is open with various sweet treats lined up inside, including: Power Balls, a box of fudge, a brownie box and 4 hot chocolate stirrers.