Coffee and brownies, a winning combination!

Our brand new flavour; Coffee and Walnut Brownie is now available to order as part of the September Mixed Box. It features the Peru Inca Gold coffee from Butterworth’s. There’s a special story behind this one.
When we first launched 3 years ago, we were a mobile cafe selling hot drinks, brownies and cocktails. Rob Butterworth is pictured in the photo with us on our first day trading at Bury St Edmunds train station.
Charlotte and Luke are in their mint green horse trailer, stood behind the counter. In the forefront is Butterworth and Son's owner, Rob Butterworth.
He is the owner of coffee roaster Butterworth and Sons. He was a huge support to us and offered us loads of valuable advice in the early days. We’ve been using Rob’s coffee and tea ever since, so it’s about time we put the “bean” back into Brownie and the Bean and had a coffee flavour in our selection!
The eagle eyed among you will also know that you can find his coffee and tea in our gift hampers. These Suffolk gift hampers have always been hugely popular around Christmas time. In fact, one Christmas, almost every single gift hamper that went out had a bag of coffee in it. 
Coffee Brownie boxes on a white background with coffee beans
The best gift set for a Coffee and Brownie lover!
Coffee and brownies are also a huge winner for corporate gifts at Christmas and Easter time. Who doesn’t love it when some delicious cakes and artisan coffee show up at their workplace? Win, win all round!

Have it your way!

Did you know that we grind the coffee beans to order? To ensure that everyone who orders our coffee gift hamper gets the freshest coffee possible, we grind just before your gift leaves our HQ.

We LOVE supporting other small businesses and showcasing everything that Suffolk has to offer in our gift hampers!

Our Coffee and Walnut brownie is available on orders dispatched between 1st and 30th September.

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