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Yamas, Opa

????????Kalimera darlings!!!


So… our hands were really tied with this whole Royal Mail strike business. Although you all know that our brownies have an excellent shelf-life, it is always our aim to get them to you in the best possible condition we can. If you decide to freeze them or put them in the fridge, that’s your choice, but we felt that we had no option but to close this past week. But when life throws you lemons ????, say “opa” and make an ouzo spritzer darlings! YES, I can’t believe I’m saying this BUT… we have just come back from our first “real” time off EVER since starting the business. We only went to Greece didn’t we! Poros, to be exact (beautiful island off the coast of the mainland).


We drank locally made raki, danced to Zorba and ate goat offal (because it’s rude not to right?). Most importantly, we spent some seriously quality time with the family. We needed it. In fact, we had SUCH a good time, this is the only photo I took!


HUGE thank you to my Mum and Dad, my brother and his family for joining us. There’s no way we’d have taken the plunge if it wasn’t for them. Thank you to all of our wonderful wholesale customers that made it possible too. It was a race to get everything baked and pulled forward in time, but we did it. You still have a chance to order your BOGOFF brownies. We will resume posting tomorrow. Code is MISSYA and you must select any of our brownie boxes (minimum order spend £19.99) and add a Mini Mixed Box to your order for free. There is a seriously action packed day ahead, with Bean Daddy and Super Sue baking thousands of brownies today.


Yamas everyone! ????????


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Text reads "Yamas, Opa" which means "cheers" in Greek. Bean Daddy has a strange look on his face. His in a decorative shirt with space invaders on it. There is a Greek flag to the left of him, a sunset in the background and a typically "greek" scene in the background.