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Surviving the summer holidays one wholesale cake delivery at a time!

Doing a wholesale cake delivery in the summer holidays is anything but boring! Being a small family business means that we’re always adapting! When the summer holidays arrive, our wholesale cake delivery routes take on a few twists and turns. We often have to take the kids with us and to be fair, it’s a waste of petrol not to make the most of your surroundings.


I’m fortunate enough to drive all over East Anglia with our wholesale cake deliveries. Whenever I’m driving, I always think how lucky I am to see such beautiful sights.


This week, I drove to the coast to deliver our retails cakes and fudge to Barbrook Stores in Southwold. The sun was shining and the sea was calling us.


two children playing next to a pier on a beach.


The kids were very well behaved and absolutely loved running out to the sea. They’ve recently been learning to swim, so this was heaven for them. They made sandcastles and got chased by waves. It was a perfect way to spend a hot day on the Suffolk coast.


“How much for an ice cream?”


I can’t ignore the fact that I was stung for £10 whilst buying 2 ice creams. No they weren’t the usual high quality, locally made ice creams we buy. They were bog standard cheap ice creams. It was worth it, to have the experience by the sea, with the children. They loved every single minute too!


This week our wholesale cake delivery route will also take us to the fabulous Suffolk Foodhall and Kingfishers of Creetingham. We can’t wait to explore more with the kids. It’s the beauty of having your own business. It’s the reason why we started and we really love getting to enjoy a work/life balance!


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two children playing next to a pier on a beach. This was the result of taking a detour from a wholesale cake delivery in the summer holidays.