We get asked all the time about vegan cake, so here’s everything you need to know!


When we first started delivering our brownies during lockdown, we would often get requests for vegan cake and bakes. At the time, we were working such long hours getting the orders out, we didn’t have time to create a new recipe.


I’m not going to lie, it took months to get this right. I was absolutely sick to the back teeth of vegan cakes by the time we’d got our recipe sorted. Luke was making several vegan cakes and tray bakes a day and we’d have to taste them all. You may say “doesn’t sound like a bad job at all”… What you may not realise is that we don’t just taste test things once. Oh no… We taste test them for weeks afterwards. Even if we don’t like them. The reason is, we like to see how the flavours develop. So although we have crossed something off of the list, we would still keep trying it.


6 of our vegan cakes are on a grid, on a white background. The vegan cakes are topped with Doisy and Dam D&D buttons, crushed. The cakes are chocolate.


We had a Vegan Cake breakthrough!


Unbelievably, after all this time, we finally settled on a recipe. Luke worked SO hard on this. He tweaked the content so many times to get the right consistency. It was so important for him to not just create a vegan alternative, but to make it the BEST vegan cake ever!


We never compromise on quality or ingredients. Everything we make is created with the highest standards.


Although we’re not certified vegan or gluten free, we do go to great lengths to ensure no cross-contamination. We bake nuts, dairy and gluten on separate days. That said, if the person you’re buying for has a severe allergy, our products are not suitable. If ever you’re concerned or would like to ask us for advice, please drop an email to info@brownieandthebean.com. We’re always happy to answer your questions.


What options do you currently have available?


During lockdown, to satisfy the requests for vegan cake, we created our Power Balls and sold them as an alternative. They were HUGELY popular, but sadly we had to take them off of the menu because Luke was working on his own at the time. They are very time consuming to make and we couldn’t manage it all. You can now find our Power Balls for sale on our website. We bought them back and so far, they’re as popular as ever!

Power Balls piled in a box

For those of you looking for something more substantial, we have our Vegan Brownie Slab which feeds 16 people. This is freezable and can be frozen for up to 3 months.


If you need just one vegan box, that’s not a problem at all. Please send us an email with 2 days notice and we will talk you through how to order it on the website.


If you’d like to find out more about our business and how we got started, click here.

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