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Christmas in July update

Not all of you may be thinking about a Christmas brownie delivery just yet, but we’re all over it here at BATB HQ! Some of you may have read that July is the big time where we finalise all of our Christmas products… WELL, this year we’re going all out with some brand new products!


We have decided to create a range of Christmas gifts that are suitable for gifting to colleagues and loved ones across the UK. Why send a card when you can surprise them with a Christmas brownie delivery?


A brownie is on a blue background with icing sugar dusted all over to give the appearance of snow.


We have kept the Christmas gift hampers really simple and categorised them by price. In every box, you’ll get at least one box of Christmassy brownies from our range, 1 box of fudge and a hot chocolate stirrer. For the more expensive boxes, you’ll find a couple of varieties of brownies in your Christmas brownie delivery AND our amazing secret family Christmas Cake.


Our Christmas packages are currently on our website in a secret location. Over the coming weeks, we will be giving you a sneaky peek of what’s coming up! We will also be letting our newsletter subscribers have early bird access to our Christmas products with a fabulous discount. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can head to our homepage, scroll down to the bottom and fill the short form out!


Whilst we’re still finalising our offerings for Christmas, please let us know if there’s something you’d love to see this year. You can send us your feedback via  As HUGE fans of Christmas, we absolutely LOVE to hear your suggestions.


Looking ahead even further…


Just when you think things can’t get any more crazy… Valentines planning starts next week! Yes… I know… so we’ll be knee deep in Red Velvet and other delicious flavours over the next the next couple of weeks! As always, we’ll keep you updated!


To hear more about our Christmas in July antics, please click here.

Luke and Charlotte are sat in front of a fire place with a Christmas brownie delivery. There is a Christmas tree to the right of them and Charlotte looks surprised by the gift.