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Brownies by post from Suffolk, with love…

If only it was that simple eh? Well we’ve really had a day of it here at BATB HQ! As I always say: if it was too easy, it wouldn’t make a great autobiography! Brownies by post from Suffolk delivered across the UK should be a relatively simple concept! However, we’re experiencing a heatwave and the UK has gone into full panic mode!


Royal Mail had decided to stop business collections, but didn’t inform their customers. We were very thankful when one of our posties (Rudi) gave us the heads up!


Cue wild panic as it usually takes around 6 hours to pack all of our brownies for posting! I made a call to our postie pal Stuey and said we had to step on it! We were told we had an hour at best to get the brownies to the sorting office.


It always pays to have friends in high places and our postie mates look after us (and then some).  They managed to get the information that we were completely unable to get from Royal Mail directly and tell us the exact time to get to depot!


Super Sue weaved her magic and cut the brownies faster than ever! Luke was our runner and flew around the bakery assisting us wherever necessary. I printed all of the labels at top speed and then it was all hands on deck! The three of us worked so fast to make sure your brownies went out in the post as promised.


For us, it wasn’t enough to simply get the brownies into the post. We wanted to make sure they’d arrive in tip top condition. I always put myself in the position of the sender and the receiver when making business decisions. The sender expects the brownies that they’ve paid for to be posted and the receiver wants to know that the brownies travelled safely.


Postman leaving Brownie and the Bean HQ with two sacks in hand. He has a bright red jacket. His bright red van is in the background.


Thinking caps at the ready…


We decided to ice pack every single order with ice blocks. This obviously made all of the parcels more than double the weight, but we’d rather take a hit on the postage, then have our customers without their brownies.


It was important that the brownies and the ice were cushioned in the post, so we made up lots and lots of boxes to put the orders in. We wrapped all of the parcels so carefully to insure that they would keep cool overnight.


It was a complete miracle that we pulled the orders together in time. I then set off around the Suffolk and Norfolk countryside to get to our sorting office, to make sure your brownies made it into the post on time!


The sorting office was absolutely fabulous in handling our precious delivery. As soon as we backed into the carpark, we were greeted and the boxes flew out.


As a business, we’re so passionate about serving our customers. We have gone to some seriously whacky lengths over the years to ensure that the brownies always leave on time.


Obviously with any courier/ postal delivery service, you can get hiccups and seasonal issues. In our eyes, Royal Mail posties really do go above and beyond the call of duty to help.


So here’s a big thank you to all of the posties out there doing a terrific jobs! Thanks for helping us to send our brownies by post, from Suffolk (with love)!


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Post man hanging through the window chatting to Luke who's in a black cap and black t-shirt. On his phone