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Diss Carnival 2022

Brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls and glittered faces!

Well the people of Diss came, saw and BOY were they fed well! We’ve never been to Diss Carnival before, so we didn’t know what to expect for our first ever visit. Our friends Connor and Dave (Florenco’s Coffee and Harris’s Hog Roast) told us that it’s their busiest event of the year, but with the economic crisis and rising numbers of covid, we had no idea about what was ahead of us!


As always, we were up very early (5am). Bean Daddy fired up the ovens and started baking cinnamon rolls, Mini Egg stuffed cookies, Creme Egg stuffed cookies AND fudge cookies. He also rolled out a ton of brownie scotch eggs too.


We had a little disaster with the fudge cookies (never without drama) as some of them exploded in the oven! Whoops! We managed to salvage enough to take with us, but some of them ended up in the “whoopsie bin”. For those of you who don’t know, the “whoopsie bin” is what we refer to as the aesthetically challenged creations that Bean Daddy makes. We don’t actually put them in a bin (far from it).


Arrival time for traders was 8.30am and we arrived bang on time. We only bought the cinnamon rolls with us this time around as Bean Daddy still had more baking to do before we opened up. It took us around an hour to get the gazebo up and start setting up our display. Bean Daddy quickly whipped back to the Bean Bunker to crack on with the baking, whilst I did the finishing touches.


Bean Daddy arrived back to the pitch with an abundance of brownies, Scotch eggs and cookies! It then took us about another hour or so to get the display just perfect. Bean Daddy is most definitely the merchandiser out of the two of us. He spent years working in retail and has a keen eye for how things should look!


Show time is here!


Just as we’d got ourselves sorted, I spotted a marching band coming towards us playing “Crazy in Love”, so I knew the carnival was passing through. At this point, scores of people walked past and the carnival was flooded with glitter and smiles (my ideal kind of day really). The theme for the carnival was: Greatdiss Showman and the costumes were spectacular. We saw all sorts of circus performers, trapeze artists, stilts walkers… it was tremendous!


Our postie Stuey popped by to say hello, he was driving the local fire department’s fire engine in the precession. You won’t believe this, but he’s not only our local postie, he’s also our local fireperson! He’s a real life Postman Pat (circa Special Delivery Service era).

Left to right: Bean Daddy, me (Charlotte) and Stuey our Postman/ Fireman


After this point, we sold more brownies, cinnamon rolls, cookies and Scotch Eggs than we’ve ever sold! We couldn’t believe it! Bean Daddy was replenishing the stock as fast as I was selling it! We had an queue for a couple of hours and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces!


We sold out very early on, but we’d had a great day, so no regrets! In fact, we’re already planning for next year! Who knows what the theme will be!


Diss, you were amazing! See you next time!

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Lots of Cinnamon Rolls on branded greaseproof paper.