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Summer Lovin’- Brownie events update

Brownies in Suffolk and Norfolk this summer!

A slab of brownie in a cake tin, fresh out of the oven. A piece has been cut out of the slab and is on display. Two hands are in the foreground and there is someone stirring a pan in the background.

One of our greatest pleasures in life is getting out and about meeting you guys! Over the winter you will find us all over Suffolk and Norfolk with our brownies at several events per week, but during the summer, we tend to do fewer events,


This summer however, we’re really going to switch things up! We’re planning on not only bringing you our brownies but also sourdough loaves, cinnamon rolls and ice cream sundaes!


Our first event of the summer will see us at Diss Carnival (in Norfolk). We’ve heard it’s a fantastic event to be a part of, so we’re very excited. July actually marks 3 years since we first launched in 2019. My word if we’d have had a crystal ball back then!


Thankfully we’ve learned a lot since our first events. Bean Daddy became “famous” for forgetting vital things, such as the brownies, the coffee (for our mobile café), the milk and my favourite one: the gazebo! That’s not to say he doesn’t forget things, he just forgets fewer things these days!


Alongside Diss Carnival, you can also find us and our brownies at Rickinghall Village Hall in Suffolk, every Thursday from 11am until 1pm during the summer holidays. There’s a lovely playground and skate park, so it’s a great place to have a trip with the family.


Our biggest event of the year comes later on in the summer- Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival. It’s such a wonderful occasion as the event showcases the very best of Suffolk producers. We’ve had our brownies at this festival every single year since launch and have made some great friendships from it!


If you’re looking to attend any of our events over the summer in Suffolk and Norfolk, we suggest sending us an email ahead of the event. That way we can let you know what brownies, bakes and sweet treats we’ll have and we’ll make sure they’re set aside for you!


We have people coming from all over the UK to visit us and we absolutely LOVE it!  Don’t forget if you’re not in Norfolk or Suffolk this summer, you can still be part of the gang! You can buy our brownies online for delivery across the whole of the UK. Check out our online shop to make your selection!


To find out more about our business and how we got started, please click here.

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