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Bakery Life Update

Here’s everything you need to know about bakery life this week!

Father’s Day generally signifies the start of our Christmas period here at our bakery! It’s the point where we begin to focus all our efforts on creating some really exciting flavours for the rest of the year AND we also create new products for Christmas.


This year we’re going all out and have made some products for retail which we know you’re going to LOVE! Some of them we can’t talk about just yet but, one we can talk about is our Christmas Cake. This will be available for delivery across the UK and will also be available for retail too! We are so lucky to have Luke’s Mum’s secret recipe for this cake and it’s absolutely delicious.

Christmas Cake in a tin on a Christmassy background

Luke’s Mum is actually going to be baking this cake herself, so you’ll all finally get to see what a great baker she is!


I’ve always hated any form of fruit cake myself, but the second I tried this, I was absolutely hooked! Over the last 10 Christmases, Luke has always bought home a wedge of his Mum’s Christmas Cake and I’ve always eaten the whole thing myself. Whoops!


This week in the brownie bakery, Luke has also been working on the new mixed box flavours for next month and they are absolutely divine! One of the flavours he’s been busy prepping is the passionfruit brownie. He has been making tons of passionfruit curd and he gave me a whole jar for myself (because I need it obviously)! Another of the flavours that we’ve been working on is a Star Wing Porter Brownie. This flavour is particularly special to us because we first launch our business at the Star Wing Shakespeare Festival in 2019. Think of it as a sort “chocolate Guinness cake” style brownie…


Cinnamon Rolls!

Oh and the BIG one that Luke has been working on this week is his cinnamon rolls! Quite possibly one of the scruffiest things he’s ever made! In fact, we love them so much, we’ve decided to make these available to customers over the summer at our playground pop-ups! We might even make them available for delivery too!

Stuey our post (and purveyor of all things sweet) absolutely LOVED his cinnamon roll! We can’t wait to show it to you too!


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Bean Daddy AKA Luke is in the bakery laughing with a disco ball behind him. There is a green chopping board with a knife in the background